we’re really excited to tell you that our new album was recorded and mixed at Treehouse Sound by Frank Marra (Gaslight Anthem, Mild Mannered Rebel) and is being mastered by Mehdi Safa (*shels, *Ancients) at Purple Buffalo Studios. things are sounding really great and we’re very lucky to be working with such talented people!

we’re going to be releasing a single from the new record very soon, so hold on tight! thanks for all your love, support and patience. —


Details are coming soon about our new full-length album, which will be released by summer 2013.

It is March 2013 and we have determined that Tumblr is for jive turkeys. Therefore we are discontinuing our old blog over there. This new WordPress site is the Future and the Realness. Take notice and adjust your first thing in the morning internet surfing before pants are on habits accordingly.