Yes, it’s finally that time. We know you’ve been anxiously awaiting this moment. We certainly have been. And at long last, damascus has new music for your earballs. This is the single “All Points Below”, from our new album Heights. The full album will be available at our bandcamp website for free stream and download on July 10, 2013, but until then, you can listen to this fresh jam to your heart’s desire.

And if July 10 seems like it’s really far off, don’t worry – there will be new stuff for you between now and then. In our long silence we’ve enlisted a very talented video artist, Nick Reed, whose video for the single will be up in the next few weeks.

So listen, love, headbang, weep, share, and stay awesome. Thanks for sticking around with us. And remember, this is just the beginning – we have a lot more on the way for you, and we promise you’ll agree: it’ll all be worth the wait.