damascus is an instrumental band formed in New Jersey. They have been steadily cultivating their arresting blend of post-rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, and ambient music since their inception in 2011. To date the band has released two EP’s, Salutations, Distant Satellite! and Of Whom I Always Thinkand an ambient/experimental reworking of earlier material entitled prière d’espoir. All of their music is released for free on their Bandcamp page. Details are forthcoming on their new full-length album, which will be released in summer 2013.

damascus is:

Brendan Bianowicz – drums

George Eppinger – guitar

Gil Morejón – guitar, keyboards

Edwin Rivera – bass, keyboards

“Damascus play atmospheric, instrumental music in the vein of Russian Circles, And So I Watch You From Afar, Junius, Constants, Moving Mountains, If These Trees Could Talk, etc. … if you dig ‘em, you’ll certainly like the chilled-out yet rockin’ grooves of Damascus.” (MetalSucks)

“It shouldn’t be possible to make post-rock this good after only a few months as a band, but somehow, Damascus have done it.” (SputnikMusic)

bandcamp | facebook | youtube